New Generation Of Mobile Mining Box

The Bitcoin Landybox is a modular mining container. It uses a standard container structure, and after connecting to electricity and the network, you can immediately mine bitcoins. It significantly reduces the cost of building a mining farm. It is easy to transport and k can be installed quickly once it arrives on site.

Landybox has a single row design inside, with fan cooling, external curtain wall and motorised louvres for good heat dissipation.






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The advantages of our crypto mining containers

  • Mobile

    The most efficient use of space inside the container. The entire multimodal freight container structure makes it easy to expand and transport, with the ability to accommodate any size mine.

  • Unique Ventilation System

    The LANDYBOX cooling system, which can be selected to suit different regions and climates, can be changed at will by simple operation.

  • Highly cost-effective

    It requires only four steps to get it powered up and running. It is a truly efficient, convenient, secure, stable and economical modular mobile data centre.

  • Safety

    The whole container is an international shipping standard container with gas welding all-welded process standard, stable structure and high quality. The inside of the cabinet can be set up with 24-hour close monitoring video to ensure mining safety in the server room.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What are the advantages of cryptocurrency mining containers?
  • Increase in overall pool performance
  • High Power Efficiency
  • On-site inspection and customization
  • Portable and ready to use
  • Cost-Effective
  • Space-saving and safe design

2.What are the dimensions of the LANDYBOX mobile mine box?

It is a standard size container for international shipping and details can be found on the product details page.

3.How to place orders and payment?

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